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A carbon offset is a voluntary way to compensate for the emissions caused by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide reduction elsewhere. In other words, the emissions that can not be cut can be compensated by funding a project that will reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Together with cutting emissions and carbon offsetting it is possible to reach carbon neutrality, which means that the amount of emissions caused is equivalent to 0 CO2t.

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Hiilinieluntuottajat HNT Oy


Our story

We provide solutions for reducing emissions from the atmosphere and work together with Finnish forest owners. Join our efforts to reach carbon neutrality.

Climate change is the biggest threat of our time. There is no Earth 2.0. Significant amounts of emissions should be cut in a short time, and yet there is a limited number of tools to improve sustainability. Now companies can counteract their GHG-emissions by purchasing carbon offsets in the voluntary market.

The better forests grow, the more carbon will be stored in the trees. Our mission is to help forest owners to grow carbon sinks and to fight against climate change.



We aim for continuous improvement in our operations and actively seek for better solutions to develop our operations, and to stop the climate change.